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hi list,
even though i don't have a DOS screen reader, will the proceedure given below still work?
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  You will need to play the games using the Apple2 emulator. The disks included in the emulator zip file have Apple versions of Dos. If you are referring to entering the command to start the emulator, Windows XP includes a dos command prompt. It's the same in Windows 7. To get to a Dos prompt, do the following.


  1. Go to the start menu and select run. Alternatively, press Windows key and r.

  2. Type cmd and press enter.

  3. Change to the folder where the Apple2 emulator is located. Example:


  cd is the Dos command for change directory. Windows calls directories folders.

  3.  Enter the command specified in the readme for starting the emulator and loading a disk.


  I hope this helps.




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  Hi list,

      Is it possible to play the DOS games under Windows XP and window-eyes? i have no acess to DOS, so will need step-by-step instructions, in the event this is could even be accomplished.




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