[Blindapple] running the integer language

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Thu Oct 10 20:18:54 EDT 2013

According to Jayson Smith:
# The intbasic file on DOS master disks doesn't work with at least versions
# of Textalker that reside in the language card, so avoid intbasic, and
# stick with integer or int

That being said, textalker.blind may work with those, and there are some
who prefer Textalker 1.3, so it may still be possible to get such disks
and programs talking. It did partially solve my DOS variant problem,
although I had to move NARF HELLO off an ES-DOS disk and put it on a
Pronto-DOS disk to make it stop crashing out to the monitor on all but
the first run. Strangely, that stopped it from crashin to the monitor
even when using textalker.ram 3.1.3. So there's the other thing I am
taking from this: WATCH YOUR DOS! If you are having problems with
programs not talking or crashing and burning, you may be able to run it
under Pronto-DOS or regular Apple DOS 3.3. The intbasic problem still
remains, however, unless textalker.blind fixes it. I'm guessing that in
the days of textalker.ram, Integer BASIC was relocated somehow to keep
it from overwriting Textalker in memory.
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