[Blindapple] Making silent Disks Talk?

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Thu Oct 10 12:40:49 EDT 2013

Yeah, textalker.blind is much better on these fast DOS variants. Sadly,
I'm having issues with NARF HELLO, which is the program I really wanted
to get talking, but I think I can play with it and make it work, but it
would seem that the problem still goes deeper than that. I'll try
transferring NARF HELLO to a Pronto Dos disk and see whether or not that
changes things. I'll definitely need to get the ES DOS stuff out of it,
but that should be simple enough. Too bad, I did like being able to type


to load textalker from the second disk drive. Oh well, I can't have
everything, especially not on an old machine like this lol.
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