[Blindapple] running the integer language

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Thu Oct 10 11:51:52 EDT 2013

Most of the time, you should be able to load integer programs by first


note that the command should be in all caps. It looks like some disks
may have Integer Basic under the filename INT, however, so you may need to


instead. However, the only disk where I see that so far is the apples
disk, and it loads integer for you when it boots. It says ready, but
then it loads integer and says greaterthan. Then it runs its menu, which
is just a modified catalog of the disk where you can enter a number to
select a file.

I think I did see a DOS disk somewhere, possibly a utility disk that
neither has INT or INTEGER, but instead has the file named either
INTBASIC or INT BASIC, not sure which off the top of my head, and I a
quick look through my collection didn't reveal it. Hope this helps.
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