[Blindapple] hdv image

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Tue Oct 8 14:39:33 EDT 2013

I downloaded an hdv image from
that is said to have many of the Eamon adventures on a hard disk image.
I know that the Mess emulator should support .chd images using the
CFFA2000 controler, but writing to an image corrupts it. So I have a
couple of questions. First, is it possible with a different controller
to use .hdv images directly, or am I better off attempting to use chdman
to convert the image I have to .chd? Also, is there another controler I
can put into my apple2ee.ini or on my mess command line that will allow
writing to a ProDOS hard disk image without corrupting it? Perhaps I'm
just doing something wrong with the CFFA2000 controler somehow, as I can
read a hard disk image without difficulty, it's only writing to it that
causes problems. Thanks for any help.
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Out of This World, season 2 episode 21 - "The Amazing Evie"

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