[Blindapple] Math games disk

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Mon Oct 7 06:35:52 EDT 2013


On the subject of that math games disk with all those games people have 
been talking about. I actually have that disk, and would be glad to make 
it available. However, I'm not sure I can legally. I did find more 
concrete information about the problem with MECC software titles on the 
Wikipedia article about abandonware. Although this disk was released by 
APH, it was a modified version of a MECC disk. Here's the relevant 
section of the article.

There are groups that lobby companies to release their software as 
freeware. These efforts have met with mixed results. One example is the 
library of educational titles released by MECC. MECC was sold to 
Brøderbund, which was sold to The Learning Company. When TLC was 
contacted about releasing classic MECC titles as freeware, the 
documentation proving that TLC held the rights to these titles could not 
be located, and therefore the rights for these titles are "in limbo" and 
may never be legally released.


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