[Blindapple] hard disk images

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Oct 6 00:43:12 EDT 2013

Has anyone been able to get a hard disk image working, both for reading
and writing on the mess emulator? I found a rather interesting image
that was supposed to show up as 4 disks on the system, slot 7 drives 1
and 2 and slot 4 drives 1 and 2. This worked correctly, until I actually
tried to copy a file to any of the disks or rename one of them. Upon
doing anything at all that writes to the disk, the volume becomes
corrupt, and can no longer be read. Just for giggles, I found a really
nice 16MB ProDOS image inside of the zip file with the firmware and
source code for the Cffa3000 card, which I was able to convert to a hard
disk image that should have been recognized by Mess. Unfortunately,
although the hard disk boots correctly as evidenced by the classic
ProDOS click, I get the same corruption any time I attempt to write to
it. I am using the cffa2 device in slot 7, although I need to put it on
the command line manually, because for some reason, hard disk images are
not recognized if the cffa2 card only appears in apple2ee.ini. Would a
cffa3000, assuming it exists somewhere within mess, work better than the
emulated cffa2000, considering the fact that the source code for the rom
is available from the site where the real hardware can be purchased? I
really want that image to work, as it has many more Davex commands than
will fit on my disks, and it has lots of other ProDOS utilities
preinstalled as well, assuming they will talk.
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