These products are distributed with the kind permission of David Holladay, who holds the copyrights to all the products listed here. These products are intended for non-commercial use.

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Braille Edit is the predecessor of BEX. Braille Edit 2.45 is offered here. To use Braille Edit, please download the boot disk and the Main disk.

Please follow these instructions carefully when preparing a floppy disk for the Boot disk. For historical purposes, I have preserved the non-standard disk volume number of 245. This means that you will need to format the boot disk to have volume number 245 or it will not boot properly. To do this, follow these instructions:

For the sake of simplisity I will assume that you will initialize your blank disk in drive 1. You will need to boot up any DOS 3.3 disk, then put the blank disk in drive 1. Next type the following command:


Once that is complete, you may go on to copy the Boot side of Braille Edit onto the disk you just initialized.

Please note also that if you have an IIgs or something else which makes your Apple faster than the normal speed of 1 MHZ, you need to turn it off or set the speed to normal when booting and using Braille Edit.

Braille Edit is historically interesting as an old RDC product and because it contains a very early version of Textalker. To start, boot the Boot disk. When it beeps after some disk access, you can either enter the name of an existing configuration, type *e to set up a configuration using Echo speech to guide you, or just type * to set up a configuration with no voice to guide you.